Index of recipes

Here is a list of all of the recipes that can be found on my blog, organised into eight categories, from soups to desserts & cakes.

Each recipe is automatically linked to the relevant blog post.


Pea and ham soup
Cream of white asparagus soup
Prawn & salmon bisque
French onion soup
Mushroom & leek soup
Cucumber soup
Italian chicken & vegetable soup
Norwegian fish soup
Chicken noodle soup with green and white vegetables
Blue cheese & roasted cauliflower soup
Green asparagus soup

Sauces, dressings, marinades & condiments

Vinaigrette dressing
Spiced peach chutney
Fig and ginger jam
Preserved lemons
Green tomato pickle
Spicy pear & ginger chutney
Salad dressings
Basil pesto
Indian spice rub
Dark Berry Jam
Roasted lemon
Chilli jam
Pomegranate molasses
Cumquat-infused vinegar
Lemon cordial
Pickled cherries
Tomato relish
Plum & ginger chutney

Barbecue food & salads

Duck, fig & walnut salad
BBQ quail with Indian flavours
Barbecued lamb back-straps
Barbecued scotch fillet
Salad of orange, fennel and roasted root vegetables
Warm potato salad
Beetroot Waldorf
Roasted cauliflower, celery, hazelnut & pomegranate salad
Green bean, boccocini and roast pumpkin salad
Caramelised mango in salads
Cucumber salad
Char-grilled zucchini salads
Mushroom & Persian feta salad
Prosciutto, fig & grilled halloumi salad
Sweet & sour cucumber and pineapple salad
Char-grilled beef rump steak, pork chop and quail
Char-grilled lamb leg and veal escallops

Entrees & side dishes

Salmon carpaccio with herb and tomato salsa
Roast baby beetroot & figs
Ham & parsley terrine
Stuffed mushrooms
Prawn cocktail
Chicken & mayonnaise sandwiches
Potatoes dauphinoise
Roasted scallops
Smoked trout & herb dip
Silver beet, ricotta & feta turnovers
Cauliflower puree to go with seafood or roast chicken

Main meals: vegetarian, eggs, quiches & pasta

Salmon quiche
Bolognese sauce
Chestnut and ricotta ravioli
Spinach, ricotta and chestnut gnocchi
Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon
Cauliflower souffle
Lasagne with cauliflower, mushrooms and hazelnuts
Pasta with tuna, rocket and preserved lemon
French omelet
Mushroom omelet
Quiche Lorraine
Gnocchi with blue cheese sauce
Ouefs en cocotte
Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta & roast pumpkin
Pasta with a mushroom & asparagus (& ham) ragu
French stuffed aubergine
Zucchini & feta fritters
Silver beet & ricotta flan
Silver beet, feta & ricotta pie
Caramelised shallot, feta & cherry tomato tarts
Feta cheese & roast beetroot terrine

Main meals: seafood & poultry

Fresh salmon croquettes
Scallops meuniere
Baked salmon with a savoury filling
Crayfish thermidor
Chilli mussels
Roasted calamari
Mussels with a saffron cream sauce
Garfish meuniere
Atlantic salmon pie
Sesame-crusted tuna with a Vietnamese salad
Garlic prawns
Fish curry
Coq (rooster) au vin
Poulterer’s pie
Duck breast with herbed rice and a piquant sauce
Chargrilled spatchcock and peaches
Roast chicken with bread-based stuffing
Roast chicken with rice stuffing
Braised duck with a red wine sauce
Chicken with leeks and sour cream
Roasted marylands with garlic and preserved lemon
Hot and spicy chicken wings
Roast stuffed quail
Quail involtini
Weber-roasted crumbed chicken wings
Chicken breasts with mustard cream sauce
Duck braised with sherry, verjuice, quince paste & walnuts
Chicken cacciatore
Chicken Marylands with Moorish flavours
Deconstructed coq au vin
Spring pot au feu
Spiced duck breast with orange & fennel salad
Duck larb
Kuku paka (East African spicy braised chicken)
Chicken Marylands with thyme & horseradish
Quick coq au vin
Roast duck

Main meals: beef, lamb, pork, veal & goat

Boeuf bourguignon
Beef carpaccio
Beef Wellington

Steak with a green peppercorn sauce
Hamburger patties
Corned beef with a citrus glaze
Beef goulash
Pepper steak
Glazed beef short ribs
Steak Diane
Roast eye fillet au verd
Corner piece of beef topside
Navarin of lamb
Lamb shank curry
Lamb biryani
Rack of lamb
Roast lamb stuffed with spinach & fetta
Spiced lamb & fetta croquettes
Boneless lamb leg
Pork cutlets with a savoury marinade
Pork steaks with a piquant rub
Glazed Christmas ham
Spring pot au feu
Weber-roasted pork ribs
Twice-cooked pork belly
Pork belly with Chinese flavours
Spicy char-grilled cubes of pork belly 
Osso buco
Stuffed boneless shoulder of veal
Tasty gourmet veal meatballs
Veal cutlets braised with mushrooms and wine
Veal braised with leeks
Veal parmigiana
Veal cutlets Dijonnaise
Veal chops braised with garlic, herbs & lemon
Twice-cooked goat with fresh herbs and a piquant sauce
Capretto (goat) all romana

Desserts & cakes

Sicilian torta di mele
Apple cake with olive oil
Pear & apricot cake
Peach Melba
Poached peaches
Strawberry shortcake
Fried bananas
Crepes with lemon
Apple strudel as a pie
Lemon delicious pudding
Apple francakes
Peach and raspberry trifle
Strawberries Romanoff
Almond meringues
Chocolate, almond and hazelnut torte
Poached pears
Banana cake
Carrot cake
Baked pears
Tarte tatin
Apple and rhubarb crumble
Date and spice scones
Savoury scones
Fresh apple cake
Orange, almond & spice cake
Orange, berry & coconut cake
Dutch apple cake
Australian Christmas pudding


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