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Quail involtini – photos of the method

Here again is the method for the quail involtini, followed by some relevant photos Place the breadcrumbs and chestnuts in a bowl. Melt the butter in a small pan and sauté the garlic and shallot for 6 minutes. Remove from … Continue reading

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Quail involtini

This is a recipe we vowed to try after we bought Patrizia Simone’s wonderful cookbook, My Umbrian kitchen. For our first attempt, Maggie even applied herself to the task of deboning two quails using Patrizia’s instructions. Afterwards, she thought she … Continue reading


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Other Peninsula pleasures

This post is a prequel to Out of town, out to lunch. One of the main strengths of the Mornington Peninsula as a destination for holiday-makers and day-trippers is the wide range of attractions and recreational opportunities. These include safe, … Continue reading

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A flavoursome banana cake

Is a banana cake worthy of a blog post? After all, it is common, everyday fare and cyberspace is home to hundreds of recipes already. And, in Australia at least, commercial versions are widely available, in supermarkets, cake shops and … Continue reading

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Spinach, ricotta and chestnut gnocchi

Chestnuts, the first time. 54 years old. A Saturday morning in September 2008, beside Lago Maggiore. Local volunteer firefighters roasting chestnuts as a fund-raising activity. The second photo has nothing to do with the chestnuts. No, I just wanted to … Continue reading

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Goat PS

I was a bit tired when I wrote the post about our latest meal of goat, so my apologies for reading as if I was going through the motions of being satisfied with our experience. The availability of goat meat, … Continue reading

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Capretto alla romana

In August, I published a post about what we had cooked with pieces of shoulder meat on the bone from milk-fed baby goat. When we went to Cester’s to buy the meat for that meal, our eyes were bigger than even … Continue reading

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A satisfying, simple dinner

Friday night dinner. End of a full-on week for Maggie, filling in as Personal Assistant to the school Principal. Early start Saturday morning, to be in Healesville by 9.30am, taking lunch for four adults and sustaining morning-tea-cake for the home … Continue reading

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Hot and spicy chicken wings

Hot, as in chilli; spicy, as in cardamom, clove, cumin and co. For this post, I will work backwards some of the time, beginning with the end result of our explorations. A serve of roasted, marinated chicken wings is one … Continue reading

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Mardi, avant le deluge

It’s Thursday morning in Melbourne. I was scheduled to spend the morning with the residents’ cooking group, one of my four voluntary gigs at Strathdon aged care facility. However, I learnt yesterday the kitchen is not available, so we’ll have … Continue reading

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