Our suppliers (2014 to 2017)

Note (March 2019): The information on this page differs significantly from our current group of preferred suppliers. However, it is still valid for all the posts about our cooking adventures which have been published on this blog. If I resume writing blog posts which include recipes, I will prepare an up to date page about suppliers.

Shopping for ingredients is one of our favourite activities. Most of this shopping occurs up to 25 minutes drive from our home, which is probably higher than average, but the four furthest away of our six most-visited retailers are all in the same neighbourhood. If we have reason to visit more distant parts of Melbourne, we take the opportunity to do some shopping at various suppliers we hold in high regard or have had recommended to us. And we also enjoy going to some of Melbourne’s numerous farmers’ markets, piling fresh produce onto our two-tiered shopping trolley.

Information about the businesses from which we purchase most of our ingredients is provided below.  The contact details assume that you live in Melbourne.

Ashburton Meats
Product: virtually all of the fresh beef, lamb and pork that we use
Contact: 235 High St, Ashburton; ph 9885 8118
Internet: http://www.ashburtonmeats.com.au

Eat Fish
Product: wide variety of very fresh fish and outstanding fish & chips
Contact: 245 High St, Ashburton; ph 9885 7370
Internet: http://www.eatfish.com.au

photo 1

Toscano’s Greengrocers
Product: 95% of the fresh fruit and vegetables that we use, as well as eggs, pizza bases (the 5% is only convenience shopping)
Contact: 547 Malvern Road, Toorak (aka Hawksburn Village); ph 9827 3714
Internet: facebook.com/toscanosgreengrocers


Product: we buy cheeses, olives, Irrawarra breads
Contact: 549 Malvern Rd, Hawksburn Village (next door to Toscano’s); ph 9826 3333
Internet: www.stockedfoodstore.com.au

Hawksburn 2

Product: a vast array of premium quality spices and the like
Contact: 543 Malvern Rd, Hawksburn Village (on the other side of Toscano’s); ph 9023 7076
Internet: http://www.gewurzhaus.com.au

Hawksburn 3

John Cesters Poultry and Game
Product: we buy quail, goat, premium duck, turkey breast, spatchcock
Contact: Prahran Market; ph 9827 6111
Internet: http://gamemeatandvenison.com.au/

Neil’s Meats
Product: we buy most of our veal here
Contact: Prahran Market ; ph 9827 6574
Internet: http://www.neilsmeats.com.au




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