Our suppliers

Note (March 2019)

Until the second half of 2017, we consistently bought most of our ingredients from a small group of preferred suppliers. This page used to describe those suppliers in some detail.

Since then, our preferences have altered, mainly due to changes in product quality, our diet and our budget. This has especially affected where we shop for beef, pork, veal and fish, as well as the number of items we purchase from a delicatessen.

The one constant in our shopping habits is Toscano’s Greengrocers, where we have bought about 95% of our fresh fruit and vegetables for close to a decade. The quality is reliably very good and the prices are never unreasonable.

The Toscano family believes that “the best food starts with the best ingredients”. And, thanks to them, we get a head start when we set out to cook fine food.

Find out more at: https://toscanos.com.au/


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