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Cruising, but only just; crazy, just crazy

Australia is a long way from both Europe and North America; our population is relatively small; and our residents can visit many parts of Asia and the Pacific for a relatively small outlay and without spending 24 hours or more … Continue reading

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Moorish Marylands

This delicious Moroccan-flavoured dish is one of several we added to our repertoire after we bought a Weber Q at the end of 2012. Using the Weber as an oven produces a result that is moist and evenly cooked, with … Continue reading

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In-digest: week ending 16 August 2015

With just over three weeks left ’til we fly to London, Maggie and I have been quite busy crossing off items on our ‘to-do’ list. However, we still made time last week to prepare some delicious meals. We began with … Continue reading

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Wise chefs from the east give us a tip

Two singles and a double – that’s how many word-plays there are in the title of this post. I just … can’t resist … the temptation; I probably should apologise, or blush. So, let me talk sensibly for a while. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the home page of the Mount Waverley Lemon Preservation Co-operative. Our humble organisation is dedicated to the preservation of lemons, all lemons, irrespective of variety, colour, size or shape. All fresh lemons, that is. Members of the MWLPC … Continue reading


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Into the closet: folio 1

I was going to say No. 1 but, as you will soon discover, that would have been an unfortunate pun; ditto for No. 2. We recently renovated one of the rooms in our home. It is the smallest room, known … Continue reading

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Cheap(ish fish)thrills

For more than two decades, Atlantic Salmon have been grown in controlled environments off the coast of Tasmania. For a few years, the retail price of the salmon was quite high but, as production volumes grew, the price gradually fell … Continue reading

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In-digest: week-and-a-bit ending 2 August 2015

Thai, French, Italian, English, Filipino, Chinese, Euro-Turkish-Indian crossover and au naturel – we have prepared and eaten dishes from all of these cuisines over the last week or so, with varying degrees of success and enjoyment. The variability of the … Continue reading

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