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London: the witnesses for the defence

We began our 2015 European travels with three days in London. At this point, following a six night tour of other parts of Britain – we still can’t decide how we feel about London as a visitor destination. The case … Continue reading

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Nest eggs

Eggs, bacon, mushrooms – what’s not to like, with some thyme, garlic and cream added to the mix? And look, hassle-free plating and only one cooking pan. When Julian & Sara married in December 2012, we gave them a lovely … Continue reading

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Seasonal scallops in the spotlight

Last month, I wrote enthusiastically about a dish we prepared of Tasmanian scallops, wrapped in prosciutto and roasted. Think of this as the sea-quel. Over the last few months we have settled on new arrangements for buying fresh seafood. Previously, … Continue reading


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