Naughty ‘nanas … nyum!

I quite enjoy a fresh banana, although I’m a bit choosy about where I buy them – not all bananas are created equal!

From time to time, quite regularly actually, I find myself with a surplus of ripe bananas. Perhaps, distracted by another option in our fruit bowl, I didn’t get around to eating them. Or, my favourite greengrocer was offering bags of bananas at a discount price – I’m easily led astray by a food bargain!

Too many bananas? No drama. I could probably make a banana, walnut and date cake in my sleep, I’ve done it so many times; between 250 and 400 times, to be approximate.

However, I had been thinking I should come up with a Plan B. Then, hey presto! The Sweet-tooth Fairy put a recipe for fried bananas in my newspaper, complete with a fancy name – ‘Bananas Foster’. How could I resist?

Bananas 6

The recipe worked well, although Maggie and I did modify it a little to suit our palates and the number of guests for dinner, as in zero.

Our variations: two bananas and half the recipe quantities for everything else; cut the bananas in half both ways to make it easier to accommodate them in the pan; mixed spice in place of cinnamon; a generous squeeze of lemon juice just before the bananas are turned for the first time; and add the walnuts once the rum has bubbled for a minute or so. Oh, and we never ‘flambe’ alcohol spirits – it frightens the bejeezus out of Maggie and, well, I am more risk averse than in the first half of my life. (Note: if you want to flambe something, turn off your exhaust fan first!)

The recipe produces a delicious and well-balanced dessert, and Maggie is now taking more interest in our supply of bananas than ever before!

Bananas 1   Bananas 2

Bananas 4   Bananas 5

About rmgtravelsandfood

Maggie and I are both in our late 60s and live in Melbourne, Australia. This blog is devoted to our shared passions for travel and fine dining at home. As cooks, we are skilful and adventurous within a framework of mainly traditional ingredients and techniques, and we aim to prepare nutritious food that looks good and tastes delicious. Our evolving repertoire is influenced by both our travels and Melbourne's vibrant food culture. From 2008 to early 2020, our priority travel destinations were overseas, although we have always spent a bit of time each year exploring parts of Australia. Our first overseas journey together was to Italy in the northern autumn of 2008. We later travelled in France (2009), Spain (2011), Singapore and Cambodia (2012/13). Most of our international adventures from 2014 to 2020 are covered in this blog. We have now reached a time in our lives when the prospect of long flights to distant places are unappealing, so we will travel mainly within Australia or to countries that are close to home.
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  1. We love Bananas Foster, that looks delicious! 🙂


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