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Not so crusty that we won’t learn to singe a new tuna

How do I explain why Maggie and I have reached the age of 65 without ever cooking sesame-crusted tuna? Ignorance? Carelessness? Bloody-minded commitment to European culinary conditions? All three of those reasons and probably more besides. Anyway, I am consoled … Continue reading

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Adam Liaw’s cooking: always up to par

As is the case for many other countries, cooking competitions are produced for television in Australia. Some are for amateur cooks, in teams or as individuals; others provide opportunities for professional chefs to test themselves against their colleagues. For the … Continue reading

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Green grow the salads-o!

Over the last three months, Maggie and I have made an unusually large number of salads, including various single-bowl salads that were complete meals in themselves. Why so? Well, it has been a long, warm, dry summer in our corner … Continue reading

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Woman go to Da Nang, like da mango tang

I mentioned in my previous post that Maggie took a liking to the Vietnamese salads served at the Da Nang resort where we holidayed in February. Think lots of fresh herb leaves and the distinctive mix of sweet and sour. … Continue reading

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From Laos, via Da Nang: Duck larb (we larv it!)

In September 2008, Maggie and I flew to Rome to join a coach tour of Italy; it was our first overseas trip together. We met our tour guide – Marco the Magnifico – on the evening before the tour commenced. … Continue reading

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