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A dish to crow about?

This could be a long, slow-cooked post but that’s only fitting. After all, it took Maggie and I three days to turn a rooster into a meal of my favourite poultry casserole – Coq au vin! First, some personal, historical … Continue reading

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Travel-infused beef braises

While Maggie and I were travelling in Europe earlier this year, I ate four traditional dishes of braised beef: boeuf bourguignon (French), beef goulash (Hungarian),┬ásvickova omacka (Czech) and tafelspitz (Austrian). Since returning to our own kitchen, we have cooked three … Continue reading

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It’s apple pie season. Hooray!

One of my favourite times of the year is when there is a supply of fresh apples of the varieties that are best suited to making apple cakes or apple pies. For cakes, I use either Golden Delicious or Granny … Continue reading

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I’m done with all that doing!

This will be a bit of a rant but I will try not to be shrill. I don’t know about other countries but, here in Australia, we have an irritating habit of using dumbed-down versions of names of individuals and … Continue reading

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Sunday scones

Last Sunday morning we baked two batches of scones, one sweet, the other savoury. Maggie likes to take a scone to work for morning tea and both of these scone varieties can be frozen then reheated successfully in a microwave … Continue reading

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