Pomegranate molasses: sticky, not tricky

Now, here’s a happy coincidence. A message from food heaven, you might say, or a ‘circle of life’ event.

Just a few days after we had purchased a pomegranate for the first time, our Greek neighbour, Sula came to our door bearing two large orbs picked fresh from her pomegranate tree.

Embarrassed by such riches, I began another web search for recipes featuring pomegranate. You know how it goes. By the time I had typed the first “a” in the word, a list of options appeared and one of them was ‘pomegranate molasses’. Hmm. I’d seen that mentioned in various food articles and recipes, so I decided to have a little look at what came up.

Soon enough I found a recipe for making pomegranate molasses at home. It was surprisingly simple. So, late last week, before The Horseradish Incident, we converted Sula’s gift to a rich, dark, thick syrup.

We haven’t yet decided what we uses we will make of it but the likely choices include in glazes – think poultry and pork – braises and dressings.

And here’s the virtuous circle closing. Sula loves pomegranate molasses but has never made it herself. So, today, I will cross the street, give her the recipe and a sample and show her our photos to help explain how it’s done.

Pom molasses 2   Pom molasses 3

Pom molasses 4   Pom molasses 5

Pom molasses 6   Pom molasses 7


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