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Beaune-inspired-and-infused chicken dinner

This is the second-to-last of the many dishes that we enjoyed during our travels in Europe earlier this year and have since added to our repertoire. (Tafelspitz will be the last but that is a project for winter 2015.) We … Continue reading

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A dish to crow about?

This could be a long, slow-cooked post but that’s only fitting. After all, it took Maggie and I three days to turn a rooster into a meal of my favourite poultry casserole – Coq au vin! First, some personal, historical … Continue reading

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Travel-infused beef braises

While Maggie and I were travelling in Europe earlier this year, I ate four traditional dishes of braised beef: boeuf bourguignon (French), beef goulash (Hungarian), svickova omacka (Czech) and tafelspitz (Austrian). Since returning to our own kitchen, we have cooked three … Continue reading

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Best meals in Côte d’Or: La Grilladine encore!

Frau Grounds has just pointed out that my account of how we spent Tuesday afternoon comprised activities which actually occurred the next day, except for the bit about tasting white wines. Not that one should let the facts get in … Continue reading

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Best meals in Côte d’Or: La Grilladine

We returned to Beaune after our lunch at Meursault, parked the car at our hotel, freshened up and headed off to stroll around the old town centre. Exploring Beaune on foot is a pleasant and interesting activity. There several pedestrian-only … Continue reading

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Beaune & Cote D’Or

As I begin this post we are having some quiet time in our Dijon hotel; this is wise after spending a sinful amount of money on food and wine since we arrived in Burgundy! This part of our adventure began … Continue reading

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