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Maggie and I are both in our late 60s and live in Melbourne, Australia. This blog is devoted to our shared passions for travel and fine dining at home. Recently, I added Australian politics to the scope of the blog, inspired by the election of a Labor Government at a national level. Rick Grounds

Reckonings with racism: is the tide turning in Australia?

When the awful images of black American George Floyd being murdered by a police officer first appeared, they triggered the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement across the US. It was soon replicated in many other parts of the world, including here … Continue reading


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Lidia Thorpe learns a lesson?

Senator Lidia Thorpe is an Indigenous woman from Victoria and is one of sixteen members of the federal parliament from the Australian Greens. The leader of the Greens, Adam Bandt describes her as “a warrior for her people”. The Greens … Continue reading

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The day the real Julia Gillard stood up

10 years plus 10 days ago, the then Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard made a speech in the national parliament that has become known as the ‘Misogyny Speech’. Before long, the was something of a global sensation, especially among … Continue reading

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From ridiculous to bull dust – Dutton on emissions

It is widely accepted that one of the key factors in the May 2022 federal election result was the Coalition’s unwillingness, throughout its nine years in office, to take any meaningful action to reduce Australia’s contribution to the emissions that … Continue reading

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Balance: a mixed blessing for a rabid rabble

One of the hottest topics on my Twitter timeline is biased media coverage of federal and state politics. I will confess that I have occasionally thrown a bit of wood on the raging fires of discontent myself, especially during this … Continue reading

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The first Albanese budget and those tax cuts

Since the welcome change of Australia’s federal government in May, few, if any, political topics have been written and spoken about more than what is known as ‘the stage 3 tax cuts’. With the new government scheduled to introduce its … Continue reading

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Australia today: not the present I was hoping for!

This is my very first blog post about a subject – Australian politics – that has, in fact, been a keen interest of mine since the late 1960s, ie more than 40 years before I established this blog in 2014 … Continue reading

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Kimberley trip: On the road

In the second half of our week in the Kimberley, we made a road trip, taking in three major Kimberley visitor attractions over three days. Our destinations were Geike Gorge, 20km north of Fitzroy Crossing; Bungle Bungle, in the far … Continue reading

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Kimberley trip: Horizontal Falls and Pearls

The Kimberley is a vast region, more than three times the size of England. And it has been occupied by Indigenous peoples for between 45,000 and 60,000 years. So, it shouldn’t surprise visitors that there is a long list of … Continue reading

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Wonderful week in the Kimberley: Broome

Maggie and I recently spent a week in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It was a varied and wonderful experience. Our week began with four nights in Broome, staying at the ever-reliable Mangrove Hotel, overlooking Roebuck Bay. The second … Continue reading

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