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Quail involtini – photos of the method

Here again is the method for the quail involtini, followed by some relevant photos Place the breadcrumbs and chestnuts in a bowl. Melt the butter in a small pan and sauté the garlic and shallot for 6 minutes. Remove from … Continue reading

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Quail involtini

This is a recipe we vowed to try after we bought Patrizia Simone’s wonderful cookbook, My Umbrian kitchen. For our first attempt, Maggie even applied herself to the task of deboning two quails using Patrizia’s instructions. Afterwards, she thought she … Continue reading


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Spinach, ricotta and chestnut gnocchi

Chestnuts, the first time. 54 years old. A Saturday morning in September 2008, beside Lago Maggiore. Local volunteer firefighters roasting chestnuts as a fund-raising activity. The second photo has nothing to do with the chestnuts. No, I just wanted to … Continue reading

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Chestnut & ricotta ravioli with lamb ragu

It has been chestnut season here in Victoria and we recently bought some beautiful fresh chestnuts at Toscano’s, our favourite supplier of fruit and vegetables. Many of the chestnuts available in Melbourne are grown in the north-east of Victoria, where … Continue reading

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