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I’m puffing, but filling up-beet

We buy either spinach or silver beet about twice each month. We also grow it at home from time to time, although we usually struggle to keep it out of the reach of marauding possums! I have cooked with these … Continue reading

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A treat of a pumpkin dish, no tricking

This recipe began with a search through our Italian-influenced cookbooks for a dish that would make good use of some leftover ricotta. I found what I was looking for in a collection¬†compiled by Melbourne restaurateur, Maurizio Terzini. The original recipe … Continue reading


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Chestnut & ricotta ravioli with lamb ragu

It has been chestnut season here in Victoria and we recently bought some beautiful fresh chestnuts at Toscano’s, our favourite supplier of fruit and vegetables. Many of the chestnuts available in Melbourne are grown in the north-east of Victoria, where … Continue reading

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