Battery Point: a collection of antique architectural gems

The European settlement of Hobart began in 1803, just 15 years after a penal colony was established at Sydney. Hobart, too, began as a British penal colony, with the added purpose of deterring French interest in the island then known as Van Diemen’s Land.

One of the first areas to be colonised by free settlers of Hobart was a hill overlooking Salamanca Place, which later became known as Battery Point. I won’t dwell long on this area’s 19th Century foundations. These are summarised, brusquely, at these websites:,_Tasmania and

In recent decades, Battery Point has come to be known best for its concentration of attractive heritage buildings, many of which have been restored or renovated. In turn, this has stimulated retail, food and beverage businesses to refresh and occupy the available commercial buildings and, as we discovered on our last afternoon in Hobart, the area is a popular destination on weekends.

These photos give you a sample of what you can enjoy if you explore the area on foot.

Point 3   Point 4

Point 5   Point 6

Point 7   Point 8

Point 9   Point 10

Point 11   Point 12

Point 13 Point 14

Point 15   Point 16

Point 17   Point 18

The last two photos are of St George’s Anglican Church, said to be based on St Pancras in London. The design of the latter reflected the profound influence of the great Venetian architect, Palladio on the built environment of Western Europe from the 16th Century on, especially in England and his native Italy.

Point 1   Point 2


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  1. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one to make an error while blogging! Sounds like a great trip


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