Enjoying wine in the Cote D’Or

It was bound to happen! If you over-indulge on the riches of Burgundy, you run the risk of an upset tummy. So, while Maggie rests, I have the iPad to myself, giving me the opportunity to share some of our experiences of buying and consuming wine in the Côte d’Or.

We purchased wine in four different ways: at a bar; at a restaurant; at a wine shop; and at caveau or premises of a wine producer.

There are many bars in Beaune. I recommend that you spend a little time seeking one that has an ambience that suits you and evidence that it will match your interest in wine, eg the display board of wines by the glass. We settled on Bar Route 66, one of several at Place Carnot. Over three days we tried several wines by the glass and, lastly, a bottle of Rose to enjoy in the afternoon sun. We found that less than 6 euros bought a wine below our desires, whereas 7.5 euros bought a wine that fulfilled our aspirations.

We bought wine at a restaurant six times. On the first occasion we were led like lambs to the slaughter to a bottle of red that cost 54 euros; it was our waiter’s “favourite”. A lesson learned! Thereafter, we received more sincere and better-informed advice, within a price range of about 30 to 40 euros, for a bottle. Five wonderful experiences ensued. (We also picked up that 2009 was a very good vintage, especially for red wine, information that we used repeatedly, to the advantage of our palates!)

Mainly for budgetary reasons, we were not looking for wine to buy for consumption back home. So, we bought just three bottles – two reds at a small shop run by a helpful woman,  who also gives wine tasting classes (Sensation Vin) and another red at a producer’s shop in Meursault. We intend to take the latter home to share with … tba; the other two have been consumed as night caps.


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