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At last, a visual!

To date, this blog has comprised words, words and more words – thousands of them! In my defence, it used to be possible to follow a link from one of my old posts to several photo albums relating to our … Continue reading

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Another Saturday afternoon in the kitchen

We were supposed to be going to a 21st birthday party last Saturday night.  However, we are not party animals, unless it is a party involving three or four courses of delicious food, up to six guests and several bottles … Continue reading

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Pre-flight victuals

We spent some happy hours in the kitchen yesterday, producing a chicken, leek and noodle soup; some cooked down tomatoes; a bowl of creamy spinach; and, for the first time in many years, some strawberry jam. As were cleaning up, … Continue reading

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Travel plan Ins and Outs

So, here we are, a fortnight out from being on a plane not long before our descent into Dubai en route to Paris. In the last 24 hours we have confirmed a culinary appointment and discovered a cultural disappointment.  Such … Continue reading

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What we cooked on Sunday

A careful reading of my previous post would reveal a mystery – what did we eat on Sunday?  And did it involve any meat, as everything we bought at the butcher on Saturday has been accounted for? Well, I forgot … Continue reading

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Last weekend in the kitchen

Maggie and I will flying out of Melbourne on 25 April (Anzac Day in Australia) to spend just under a month in France and Central Europe, concluding with a 48-hour stopover in Dubai.  (I will be writing posts about this … Continue reading

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